The Lock closes, Cornelius opens

January 4, 2011 11:00 am

Much-loved restaurant The Lock, off Ferry Lane near Tottenham Hale, has closed. It has been replaced by Cornelius Pizza & Pasta.

The Lock was a popular place to eat and drink, and the loss is already being lamented by E17ers. Seems like lots of you were keen on jumping on a 123 bus along Forest Road for some sweet cocktails, and why not.

Cornelius Pizza & Pastsa has opened in the same property. It promises “contemporary Italian and Romanian cuisine”. You can find the website and contact details here. Let us know if you eat at Cornelius and what you think of it.

Update: 9 Feb 2011. A review of Cornelius appears on this website here.

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  • Karen Ingala Smith

    Well …… we’ve been!
    Gone are the inventive dishes and changing menus, replaced instead with substandard pseudo Italian fare and other bits and bobs …. which when they arrive are mediocre at best.
    The waiting staff are genuinely nice and eager to please, we left as quickly as we could… pathetically too polite to tell them what we really thought. Wines are cheap …… and taste like it.
    …… and call me a pedant but I’ve never seen an English menu in a restaurant in England with as many typos.
    We won’t be going back unless it changes hands again. We really enjoyed the Lock, and Mosaica at the Lock before it and are really sad to see what’s happened with this latest incarnation.

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