Council petition on future of EMD cinema

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February 1, 2011 9:30 am

Picture of EMD cinemaWaltham Forest council have an electronic petition on their website on the future of the EMD cinema on Hoe Street. It is the first electronic petition run by Waltham Forest council, and has been added by Save Walthamstow Cinema.

The petition refers to a planning application on the site. It puts the following statement:

We the undersigned petition the council to reject the pending planning application to turn the EMD/Granada cinema into a church. We want the building to remain an entertainment venue available to the whole community.

The petition runs until 2 March 2011 and can be found here. You have to register to sign the petition – presumably to ensure that only people living in the borough can sign it.

More information on the campaign to save the EMD cinema can be found on the McGuffin Society website.

Electronic petitions are a new innovation from Waltham Forest council, and this is the only one running at the moment. According to the website, anyone can submit a petition. There are a variety of actions which the council may take in response to a petition, ranging from a rather vague “considering the petition” or “undertaking research” to a full council debate.

Local councils have been required to offer electronic petitions since April 2010 following the Local Government, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009. It will be interesting to see if this petition is successful in influencing the council’s decision.  If so, we are likely to see many more of them in Waltham Forest in the future.

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