Le Delice opens as new cafe

April 12, 2011 7:56 am

Le Delice on Hoe Street has opened as a new cafe after a long period of closure. The opening has been anticipated for quite a while, and the cafe was finally open on Monday 11 April.

Walthamstow Scene has been hearing good things on our Twitter feed, and there is a discussion on our Facebook page about it. A few E17ers have visited and tweeted about the good ambience and tasty latte. Have you been to Le Delice? Did you like it? Feel free to add to the comments about it on our Facebook page here. You can find Le Delice on Google Maps here.

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  • I’ve been coming here practically everyday since it opened, I love it. The fact its open late too, I’ve yet to try a bad sandwich/baguette yet and the cakes and pastries are dangerously good. Everyone I’ve shown it too agree its the best addition to Hoe street and makes a welcome change from all the kebab and fried chicken shops. Plus a nice environment for friends and family alike to sit and relax.
    Oh and the coffee is great too, try asking for an espresso with ice cream, its addictive!

    No I don’t work there, just an honest customer who believes in supporting local business when its done right and they’ve hit the ground running in my opinion. Well Done Addy.

    • Hi, i went here for the 1st time last week.I found the staff to be friendly & helpful , able to provide me with a vegan & wheatfree meal ! great atmosphere & i love the back room.will be going again.

  • The food is ok, pancakes are hard, the vegetable tagine disappointing as it said it was butternut but was 90% peppers and the staff are shocking, no customer service skills, I have been 4 times and not once have I received an order completely correct, I had ordered a soft boiled egg and french toast last time. The egg arrived not in a holder just sitting there and I am not sure how they expected you to hold it but it was really hot and when I did get in it was virtually rock hard. The toast did not arrive when I asked again for it, I was brought just toast, I gave that back and said French toast, I was told I hadn’t ordered it when I said she had repeated it back to me she just shugged her shoulders and walked off. It’s a shame as it is a nice layout.

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