Review: Nightfires, ‘Target Practice EP’

April 17, 2011 8:52 am
Photo of Nightfires

Eren, Matt, Alan and Tom - Nightfires

Nightfires are a new band from around Waltham Forest. They are, collectively, Tom (vocals and guitar), Alan (guitar), Matt (bass) and Eren (drums). In their short history they have already notched up performances at The Standard, The Zenith Bar and the Camden Monarch. In April they released their first record, the ‘Target Practice EP’.

The four-track EP has got a decent sound to it and feels quite ‘live in the studio’. The band combine some quite classic rock choruses with heavy riff-driven verses. Opener and title-track ‘Target Practice’ is a decent stab at some cool grunge riffs, with a nice guitar solo thrown in. ‘Backstage, Exit Right’ kicks off with a fairly mellow vibe before transforming into something resembling Ash in their ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ era. That track is also Tom’s strongest, vocally. EP closer ‘The Little You Owe’ will be familiar to regular visitors to their MySpace site, and it’s probably my favourite. The riff chugs along quite happily in your brain and is some fine pop punk.

I like these guys. This EP shows promise and they are gigging regularly to hone the sound. ‘Target Practice EP’ is available for £1.29 from iTunes.  There are a lot worse records to spend your money on. You can hear a couple of tracks from the EP here.

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