Review: ‘Mahogany’ by Subset

July 6, 2011 3:22 pm
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Subset have returned to action with a new EP and a string of live dates lined up. ‘Mahogany’ was released in June and 2011 looks like being a big year for the fuzz/grunge rockers.

Subset, who are partially based in E17, were formed in early 2009 and ‘Mahogany’ is their fifth release. It’s an intriguing record, with each track having a different feel to it. ‘Lucid Dreamers’ kicks off with Rom and Rob’s guitar hooks being complimented by some cool harmonies which make it a pretty uplifting song, reminiscent of the early Idlewild track ‘Self-Healer’. As the song progresses, it’s apparent that generally the sound on this EP is much richer than on their 2009 debut EP. Similarly, ‘We Are Subset’ keeps up the pace and shows the band’s more accessible side.

Cover of Mahogany EP by Subset

'Mahogany EP' by subset

The band claim a wide range of influences and some of these come through across the EP. ‘Desire’ uses a range of vocal styles nicely to construct a confused but rather enjoyable track, my personal favourite ‘Wyoming’ has got some sweet fuzz rock riffs, and ‘Give or Take’ rounds things off with a satisfying slice of punk. Their indie rock influences are perhaps less apparent than they were on 2010′s ‘Ambrosia’, but I don’t mind that one bit.

The guys are touring the UK throughout the Summer, and if you take a peek at their gigs page, you might even spot a show which is pretty close to home. Their website has got links to all their social media links. ‘Mahogany’ can be purchased in most of the places where one electronically purchases music these days, and if you’re on Spotify you can also check out their earlier records. Finally, here’s a cool promo video which gives you a flavour of the Subset groove.


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