Walthamstow Scene nominated at Digital Heroes awards

October 13, 2011 10:05 am

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Walthamstow Scene is delighted to have been nominated to the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards 2011! Walthamstow Scene’s Nick Bason has been nominated by local MP Stella Creasy, to win £5,000 to invest in a local project.

If you’d like to vote for Walthamstow Scene, please click here:

TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards 2011 – London region voting

Walthamstow Scene is run by me, Nick Bason, on an entirely voluntary and part-time basis (I also have a full-time day job at the charity Bowel Cancer UK). I set it up in November 2010 to try to help promote and celebrate music, cultural and community events around Walthamstow. Since then, it has gathered momentum, with rich discussions on our Facebook page, and lively interactions and connections with other E17ers on our Twitter feed. I’m really interested in the relationship between online and offline communities, and I’d like to think Walthamstow Scene has contributed to a sense of community locally.

Photo of Nick Bason

Nick Bason, Walthamstow Scene

The project I’ve been nominated for is the Walthamstow Scene partnership with The Stow Festival. The Stow Festival was the first music festival in Walthamstow, a four-day event across ten venues which saw over thirty local bands and musicians perform. I was part of a team of nine people who voluntarily organised the festival in our spare time, and I used Walthamstow Scene to help involve local bands, venues, volunteers and music fans!

The Stow Festival was a success, but we want to do more next year, use the festival to offer more opportunities to local people to get involved, and that means we need more funding. I’m delighted that Stella Creasy MP, the local MP for Walthamstow, has nominated me as a Digital Hero. Walthamstow Scene has got through to the public vote, and the winner receives £5,000 to invest in their project. I would use that money to invest in The Stow Festival 2012, to offer work experience and internships to local young people, both to give them skills and experience employers find valuable, and also to help involve young people as musicians in The Stow Festival 2012.

A fund of £5,000 would immediately double the budget we had for this year’s Stow Fest, and we could do a lot with it – just look at what we achieved this year. So, please vote! Here’s the link!

TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards 2011 – London region voting

Take care and keep it E17

Nick x

Update 1 Nov 2011: I made a video about the nomination! Here it is:

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