Bringing YogaBugs to Walthamstow, by Denyse Whillier

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November 1, 2011 1:28 pm

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From November, children in Walthamstow will be able to take a supersonic trip to space, sail the ocean waves on a pirate galleon and head off to the jungle as part of a new programme of yoga inspired classes I’ll be running in Walthamstow Village. And parents will be able to join the fun too! Using dynamic story telling acted out through safe Hatha postures, these YogaBugs classes will take children on imaginary adventures. YogaBugs classes are a complete form of physical exercise in a safe and non-competitive environment and can take place during the school day or as an after school activity.

The decision to set up a YogaBugs business is a new adventure for me personally, and part of a major life change. Until the summer, I was a charity Chief Executive. Last year I decided that I’d wanted to run my own business and set about putting together a plan to achieve this. I love yoga and YogaBugs is a well-known company through its involvement with Dragons’ Den and Waybaloo. My plan involved moving to the ‘Stow and I’ve loved living here since the spring. Being near the Village, Forest and Marshes is amazing, and when I’m not working on my business and practising yoga, I’ve been busy in my garden.

I’m really excited to bring YogaBugs to the area. As well as the classes in Walthamstow Village, I’m looking forward to introducing our innovative yoga inspired programme to schools, nurseries, children’s and community centres. I’m also creating employment opportunities in the area, particularly for those who would find it helpful to work around school hours and who are looking for an opportunity to share their enthusiasm for yoga with children through fun and innovative classes. I’ve taken on one teacher already and, as the demand for classes grows, I’ll need to train more teachers to join my team.

 To find out about classes, you can contact me on 0845 863 0699 or email For more information, visit the YogaBugs website where you’ll find the blog I write for the company. I’d love to hear from you so do drop by my Facebook page too!

Denyse Whillier blogs about YogaBugs here.

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