Last days of The Standard

November 24, 2011 11:02 am

Last night I went along to a cracking night at The Standard, Walthamstow’s only bespoke music venue. The three bands were all excellent and it was a fun night, if tinged with sadness as it will be one of my last visits to the historic venue.

Photo of The Anoraks

The Anoraks

This isn’t a review of the gig, although I thought I would post a couple of pictures I took on my phone. It was a free show, featuring The Anoraks, The Capris and Steve White & The Protest Family. I caught most of The Anoraks, and I perhaps did them a disservice in my preview of the show when I described them as an “Oi! band”. They were classic punk, and I mean that in the best sense, with classic rock and reggae riffs mixed in with the ‘three chords and the truth’ punk rock.

The Capris are regulars on the Walthamstow music scene, they are a covers band and a very good one. Their show at The Stow Festival was one of the many highlights of that weekend, and they were in good form last night. Catch them at The Queens on Friday 2 December.

Photo of The Capris

The Capris

Steve White & The Protest Family played an excellent set, opening with two classic local tunes, ‘You Can’t Say Fuck In The Queens’ followed by ‘Walthamstow Dogs’. SW&TPF are always good fun to watch, and if you missed them last night, they are playing another free show at The Bell on Saturday 10 December.

Photo of Steve White & The Protest Family

Steve White & The Protest Family

It will be one of my last, if not my last, visit to The Standard, as it closes in December. I am going to try and make it down to see Bootleg Blondie this Saturday, who I hear will be doing a set of disco classics as well as a Blondie set. There was quite a lovely impromptu moment last night when Paul, who runs The Standard with his partner Amanda, got up on stage after the bands had finished to say a few words about how much he and Amanda had enjoyed their time running the venue. They were super-supportive to us when we were organising Stow Fest, and E17 will be a lesser place without them.

Photo of Paul White

Paul White from The Standard

So, that was it. A lovely venue is shutting to be replaced by a supermarket, and E17 will have lost another space where local bands can perform. The promoters of the Club Bus Wind night at The Standard are moving their night to The Artisan in Chingford. I don’t really have any positive way to finish this blog post, sorry.

Photo of The Standard stage

The Standard, 23 November 2011

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  • I agree but the sad facts are that venues like this are shutting all over.

    Even though i live locally i have hardly been….this is because i like to make a night of it which is difficult because the pub is like a doctors waiting room and doesnt do good food.

    If someone was willing to take a bit of a punt and put some money into a venue around there it could be a great success but does need the whole package, not iust good bands.

  • That’s some bad news. The Standard is a nice place and most of the bands were quite good.

    But what do you mean, Jason, by “the whole package”? Usually, a great pub is defined by the music and the people hanging around there; put those together and it becomes what we call the “atmosphere”, the right mood, the good feelin’ etc., the place where one would like to spend the night and tell everybody the next day what a nice place is that place.

    There’s gonna be another cool pub/place to rock in the Stow, no doubt about this. It’s about business and yes, there’s still people out there that know how to make me spend my money in a pub…

    And I didn’t like the Standard’s owner anyway. Always rude and ready to bite.

    Fresh air is to come, with some fresh news and bands.

  • Don’t assume that The Standard wasn’t a viable business. Owners Punch Taverns have HUGE debts and are simply flogging off anything they can. See, for example,

    (Yes, it does say £3 BILLION.)

    • I am not trying to be negative but there are better venues than this that have shut recently – the luminaire for one (which only a couple of years ago had hot chip and the kooks ramming it full).

      It is an extremely hard industry to survive in, look how many times mean fiddler has struggled – most pubs need food and regular steady trade to survive and the standard didn’t achieve this.

      I say again the right pub would do exceptionally well around blackhorse road; the rose and crown is our nearest comfy watering hole. If I had the spare cash I would pour it into a smaller venue and I have no doubt (having worked in the industry for years) it would do well. Maybe some of the E17 / Nags head owners should be looking West for their next venture…………..

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