Flaimin’ Steak Grill on Hoe Street

January 22, 2012 10:20 am
Photo of Flamin' Steak Grill

Flamin' Steak Grill, Hoe Street

A new restaurant has recently opened on Hoe Street. Flaimin’ Steak Grill is located on the corner Albert Road and Hoe Street, and appears to offer a selection of meaty treats.

I had some curiosity about what was going to open, as the building has been extensively renovated over a good few months. Lo and behold, Flamin’ Steak Grill opened a few weeks ago. They have a website, and a Facebook page with a number of likes.

The website has a menu to view, and they seem to specialise in various types of meat, which seems sensible given their name. Stowscene hasn’t had the pleasure of visiting yet – vegetarians don’t seem to be their target audience, strangely – but there has been some discussion about it on our Facebook page (scroll down to the post on 8 January). The best comment so far is that the food is “basic but tasty and well-cooked”. It certainly looks fairly smart from outside, with some decking for that al fresco summer dining experience.

It’s at 328 Hoe Street, E17 9PX, just south of Food Village, almost opposite the coffin shop. Let us know what you think if you go there.

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  • A great place with great food cooked with pride. The decor is very nicely done and provides a very atmospheric dining experience. The food is good honest fare. Highly recommended.

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  • Just been to try out the Flamin Steak|Grill. We enjoyed the tasty steak fajita with all the trimmings, and the chips were pretty good. But we wouldn’t recommend the £14+ steak to anyone who doesn’t like it nuked. They do do a bean burger or a butternut squash fillet for meat-free people though.

    It didn’t seem that busy (Weds night) but our food took rather a long time to arrive. Maybe they’ll improve with practice.

    The alcohol-free drinks menu was limited to J2Os and Sprite, but real juice and Coke was also available if you ask. Tap water though, we were told they don’t serve. We weren’t offered a dessert either but they do have a good selection of ice-creams, including pistachio and a low-fat frozen yogurt!

  • The steak was about 1mm thick, and though tasty not quite what I was expecting and at £13,00 would go elsewhere for this, but clean friendly maybe a burger would be a better bet. I am sure it will improve as time goes on so will try again in a few months.

  • Been sittin here jus over an hour still waiting for starters, very noisy n very slow let’s hope the taste of the food makes up for if, definitely won’t be back

  • If u want to avoid food poisoning don’t go there,the food is ok but standards of food Hiegene are lacking,saw raw chicken being served on my visit,and the management really didn’t have a clue,the smell of Shushan wile you eat is overpowering,and to be honest not sure if its legal to be able to smell Shushan in a closed restaurant…..
    Never go back again

  • Shisha

  • nice but pricey…worth a try

  • i quiet enjoyed the experience at flamin food was great i had a lovely shake to finsh the service coul do with a improvment
    definatly worth ago

  • Went there with the colleagues excellent decor needs brushing up on service food was nice tho overall we had a good time and good food

  • i had a receant birthday party there with a group of friends i was recommeneed the place and the decor was just amazig the service was excellent jus as the food would definetly recommend the chocolate pudding with custard x

  • anita smith

    loved the buffalo wings, the asian music gave it an authentic touch, staff were lovely defo something different for walthamstow,will recommend this to anyone :)

  • abdullah yousaf

    is there a number which you can order from?

  • was invited to flamin grill for my friends birthday and had a fab time, there was about 9 of us had a mixed grill to start which was spot on followed by a nice thick juicy t bone with gravy.
    well worth a go

  • Hi there food is just tasteless to much money take my advice don’t go there

  • 9 pound for one person food was just tast less I gave it to my dog

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