Lia Vio exhibition at Tokarska Gallery

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January 22, 2012 11:25 am
Picture by Lia Vio

Lia Vio - 'Mining the Silent Evidence #9' (2011)

Tokarska Gallery on Forest Road is hosting an exhibition by German photographer Lia Vio in February. The exhibition is entitled ‘Solely in my head’, and runs from Thursday 2 – Saturday 25 February.

Tokarska Gallery describe the show as follows:

The work of Lia Vio positions the viewer as a voyeur and participant in a surrealistic journey of self-reflection, offering not only formal inquiry into the ephemeral visual relationships around us, but also the blended aspects of the visual world and visual thinking as well. The visual perception of her photographs operates on many planes: you can always see more in conjunction with what you’re focused on. While looking at her artwork, you’re always aware of something else – perhaps in your peripheral vision, perhaps in your visual memory, perhaps in a physical sensation that seems to have nothing to do with vision at all.

Her awards include the prestigeous “German Photographer of the Year” , which acknowledges a photographer’s outstanding body of work (2007, ‘Deeper Perspective’ IPA) and she was recently profiled in “Germany’s Best Photographers” , a comprehensive guide to prominent individuals in modern commercial and fine art photography.

Tokarska Gallery is showing large format photographs from the Series “Reincarnation”, “Solely in My Head”, “Mining the Silent Evidence” and others. Each photograph is cohesive within its series, both formally and conceptually, evoking a sense of awe, mystery and suspense.

All of which sounds good. The exhibition opens at a Private Viewing on Thursday 2 February, and you can email the gallery if you would like to attend that. The exhibition runs until Saturday 25 February.

The gallery is about 5 minutes from Blackhorse Road station, at 163 Forest Road, E17 6HE. It is open from 12pm – 7pm Thursday to Saturday. More information can be found on their website.

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