Relaunch of Wood Street Indoor Market

February 11, 2012 4:45 pm
Photo of Wood Street Indoor Market

Wood Street Indoor Market

Today saw the relaunch of Wood Street Indoor Market. Although a lot of the existing tenants are still there, sixteen new units have opened up, and the first day of business was today. There was plenty of activity and interest in the new venture.

Photo of Craft Guerilla shop

Craft Guerilla's shop

I made it to the market after lunch, sadly missing the first opening at 10am due to the important business of a ukulele lesson. As expected, it was very busy, and there seems to be a kind of collective will in the local area for the market to survive and thrive. I spotted some cool hipster threads in Just Can’t Help It, Carbon 28 and Trash, and popped in to the packed Craft Guerrilla shop. It was great to meet Denise from Strange Fruit, and I also spotted some lovely old pictures of Walthamstow in Folly & Frill.

There was some good quality entertainment at the launch, with a live mural drawing from Animaux Circus and Tony Tunes showing off his DJ skills. There are a few record shops among the existing tenants, and this happy blogger came away with a rather fine live Pantera album from 1997. Sweeeeeet.

Photo of Pink Bear Club

Pink Bear Club's Wood Street Whimsy

I’ve got to give a mention to the Pink Bear Club, who are holding a series of events in the market and I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of a man in a big pink bear outfit (obviously) in their shop. Check out their website for details of what they’ll be having on. There are a number of cafes and a bakery in the market, which I didn’t visit this time, but it is of course another reason to go back. I hope interest in the market is sustained following the launch, and that at least some of the new tenants stay on into the future.

The main market website is here. As I said at the start, there are plenty of the existing businesses still there, and here’s one of the finest, Tony Tunes.

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