Speed Acquainting comes to E17

March 11, 2012 12:58 pm
Picture of people talking

People acquainting at speed

Speed Acquainting is a thing, and it is coming to Walthamstow. E17′s first (well, the first one I know about) Speed Acquainting event is on Thursday 22 March at the Orford Road Social Club.

The blurb for the event is as follows:

Looking for a fun and easy way to meet more people in the local area? Come to the first in a line-up of social nights in E17. Speed Acquainting will get you chatting to lots of new people over a drink or two. It’s aimed at anyone in their 30s to 50s (or thereabouts) who simply wants to meet more people locally.

A completely unscientific straw poll of Stow Scene followers on Twitter concluded that Speed Acquainting is like Speed Dating without any snogging at the end. There are already quite a few people signed up to it, and I’m guessing that the key to the success of events like this is to get lots of people along, so I’m sure it will go with a swing.

The Speed Acquainting event in on Thursday 22 March from 8-10pm. It costs a fiver and you need to book in advance on the main website. There is also a Meetup page for it. If you want to go interactive, you can talk to Alison (the organiser) on Twitter, @E17Social.

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