Fantastic Mr Fox and Senna at Screen 17

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March 18, 2012 9:00 am

Poster for Senna the film

Screen 17, Walthamstow’s microplex cinema, will be screening Fantastic Mr Fox and Senna during April. The screenings, at Orford House Social Club, are increasingly popular, and come with a host of offers.

We’ve been fans of Screen 17 for a while now, and recently they have been developing some interesting partnerships with other local businesses. The Fantastic Mr Fox screening will feature a storytelling session run by Walthamstow Waterstones. This partnership builds on the special offers Waterstones offered at the recent screening of Midnight in Paris. Alternatively, Eat 17 offer a 10% discount on a meal on the night of an evening film screening, if the sitting is at 6pm and you present your Screen 17 booking reference. We really like this kind of relationship between local businesses. It’s mutually beneficial and helps build a sense of connectedness in the local area.

The screening of Senna will also offer a Film Swap Shop, where you can bring along films you’ve finished with and (as you might guess from the title) swap them for other ones. There is a licensed bar for evening screenings, and freshly made popcorn on offer.

Fantastic Mr Fox is being shown on Friday 13 April as part of the Screen 17 Junior Film Club. The screening of the Wes Anderson movie opens at 10.30am, with a storytelling session preceding the 11am showing. Click here for details of timings and tickets.

Senna is being shown on Thursday 19 April. Doors open at 7.45pm for an 8.30pm screening. The venue is open until 11pm. Click here for details of timings and tickets.

There are two other additional screenings planned for April, The Lion King and The Incredible Journey. Details of both of these screenings will be on the Screen 17 website soon.

*Update 19/03/2012 – This article was amended to reflect the fact that there is no craft session before Fantastic Mr Fox. The date of The Incredible Journey will be on the Screen 17 website soon (at time of writing).

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