Brodie’s ‘Bunny Basher 3′ Beer Festival

April 2, 2012 11:09 am

Poster for Bunny Basher 3

Brodie’s Beers are hosting another ‘Bunny Basher’ beer festival at the King William IV pub near Baker’s Arms over Easter. The beer festival will feature forty Brodie’s beers.

Bunny Basher 3 is, as you might deduce, the third such beer festival at the William, and the past two have been very well attended. Ales available at this festival will include Awesomestow IPA (7%), a Cola Mild at 3.2% or the traditional Elizabethan, at a whopping 22%. Remember, drink responsibly, you crazy kids. Most of the beers are a very reasonable £1.99 at the William, so you can try and range of the delights. A full list of the beers available at the festival is on the Brodie’s Beers website.

Photo of King William pub

King William IV

As well as beers, the festival usually features some freshly cooked food and a general sense of bonhomie. There is a Facebook event for the event here.

Bunny Basher 3 runs over the Easter weekend, beginning on Friday 6 April. The King William IV is very near the Baker’s Arms, opposite Tesco (technically in Leyton).

Stow Scene: Apologies for the quality of the poster image above, it’s the best we’ve got!

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