This part of the website which is sourced from all you E17ers out there. From time to time, we’ll be asking you about your favourites in Walthamstow. We will take feedback on the blog, from Twitter and from Facebook, and we’ll write it up here. You will also find E17ers giving their own perspectives on life in Walthamstow.

The point of this page is not to find the ‘best’ this or that. Rather, we want you to give a shout out to your favourites so that other Walthamstow Scenesters can find a new classic in E17.

Guest posts

The Forest Philharmonic Orchestra, by Emma Catty – Emma gives us the low-down on the local philharmonic.

Bringing YogaBugs to Walthamstow, by Denyse Whillier – Denise talks about changing career and setting up a local YogaBugs organisation.

Happy Birthday to us, by E17 Art House – Kirsten and Elaine look back on a year at the E17 Art House.

Saving out Cinema, by Susan Murray - Susan describes the rejection of UKCG’s planning application for the EMD Cinema.

Being a new mum in E17, by Liz Burtally - Liz talks about her experiences of being a new parent in Walthamstow, and recommends some local venues and activities.


Takeaway curries

A lot of people like a takeaway curry. In fact, a lot of people LOVE a takeaway curry. When you find somewhere good, you can become devoted to it. So we asked you where you got your favourite takeaway curry from. We had a whopping 22 responses! See what the people said here.

Book Groups in E17

Reading is cool. There are a few book groups in E17, and we’ve done a round up of them here.


  • Steve Knowles

    Agree with comments above, but feel that there are some omissions. Can’t mention Leytonstone High Road without Star of India – consistently good and a vibrant part of the local community. In E17 The Red Chilli at the Bell pub makes up for what it lacks in terms of restaurant chutzpah with very very good food at seriously low prices. Best take-away – Kharachi Tandoori, Leytonstone High Road, by far. Have avoided Forest Tandoori after very poor treatment some time ago, but maybe time to try again and forgive? Would rate Raja higher than Dhaka, Bengal and Shish. Thinking to try the Elephant God which has replaced Cumins.

  • The Forest Tandoori serves, in my recent experience, the most consistently decent Indian food in the area. Meanwhile, a cause of indigestion: what are those Dutch bikes at Blackhorse Rd station all about? There’s no room at all for the regular commuters’ bikes, and to add insult to injury the station people have put signs up saying that bikes chained to the roadside railings “may be removed’ even though ALL of the bike-stand places are occupied by the Dutch ones. Presumably they are linked to the Olympics, but if so why wasn’t some planning done in advance to accommodate them and leave some room for local cyclists’ bikes?

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