Book groups in E17

Photo of Walthamstow Library

Walthamstow Library

There are a few local book groups which have come to our attention recently and, as reading books is awesome, we thought we’d tell you about the ones we know about.

Forest Book Group

The Forest Book Group describe themselves as a friendly and informal group open to everyone. Members of the group are involved in selecting the books to read, and they cover anything from literary fiction to sci-fi, short stories to travel journals, anything. The group meets on the third Wednesday of every month at The Peking Chef, 178 Hoe Street at 7.30pm (so you can get some tasty grub as well). The next meeting at the time of writing is Wednesday 20 July 2011. More information on the group can be found by emailing Penny Rutterford, Penny is also on Twitter at @Pennyrutterford.

E17 Book Club

The E17 Book Club is also a well-established book group. They too are a group open to everyone and read a range of genres. The E17 Book Club meets once a month in the Nags Head on Orford Road (books and the pub – a fine combination for an evening). This group have got a pretty snazzy website, which looks to be regularly updated. Contact details are on that website, or you can tweet @Eastendlass for details.

Science Fiction Reading Group

We’ve also got wind of a Science Fiction Reading Group, who meet at the Hornbeam Cafe on the first Friday of every month. Details of the next meeting can be found on the Hornbeam website, although that’s all we know about them! You can always pop into the Hornbeam for a coffee if you would like to know more.

Other reading groups

Finally, Waltham Forest council have got details of a couple of other reading groups on their website. These groups are based in libraries around the borough and the contact details listed are all council officers. It’s not clear how up to date that page is or how popular these groups are (as they’ve not been recommended to us) so if you’re tempted by any of those, best to get in touch with the contacts listed.

Those are all the groups we know about but we’re sure there must be others! If you’ve got details of others, or want to give a shout out to your favourite book group, feel free to post details in the comments.

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